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good morning. we made it to friday. another cold start to your monday as can you expect this time of year. but we are getting close to the weekend. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. happy friday. >> here is tucker barnes. >> going to be a decent day
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today. got to get rid of the cloud cover here but eventually lots of sun with temperatures in the mid others. let's take a look at max 3. as we do so, we'll see the cloud cover and the possibility of some showers across the area. here we go. only showers touching the ground are across southern maryland pushing across the bay. they will be with us here for the next couple of hours along with cloud cover but i think by late this morning, we'll start to see some improvement and eventually some sunshine. once the sun gets in here, should be a nice looking afternoon. you can see out to the west into west virginia, we're already getting some clearing. hope that made sense. if it didn't, i'm going to do the weather in two minutes. we begin with an amber alert for 18-month-old alexis rose carlile. you see her picture there on
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the screen. she was last seen on low are liberty road at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police believe she was traveling in a niece tap stationing with a and with these virginia tags. police say she is with these two people. investigators believe the suspects are heading towards the d.c. area. -- she was traveling in a nissan station wagon with these virginia tags. dozens of d.c. families packed a city council hearing last night to speak out about a plan to close 20 public
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schools. so many people signed up, they had to schedule a second meeting next week. >> c history ta is recruited for an inner city school that could use her energy and new ideas. now comes word that malcolm x elementary is one of 20 schools the chancellor wants to close. >> it is breaking my heart that i came here to students who are in need and they are being forgotten and left behind. i'm feeling that dcps is pulling the rug out from underneath me after 11 weeks of school. >> reporter: it is decision time for dozens of people would packed the city council public hearing on the school closure plan. it affects 3,000 students in six wards. most of the schools on the plus are east of the river or in
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northeast. -- on the list are east of the river or in northeast. she came with her dad to hear why her school has to close. the family moved here from dallas and it is the only school she has ever known. >> we won't have a school that we withhold hands and walk down the street to. i think that is problematic. they are closing down the community. >> reporter: that is how aaron martin feels about the proposal to close francis stevens education campus and send those students to marie reed elementary, a move that could force the family to abandon d.c. public schools altogether. >> we've been through school closings before and we're going through it again. where is the solution to address the root of the issue which is providing a high quality education and high quality customer service f you have those two things, parents will come. >> the d.c. council will continue to hold hearings on monday and the d.c. school
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board has four hearings planned to take public comments. kaya henderson says she will finalize her recommendations in mid january. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. arts now. good morning to you. it is the end of the week and that means it is friday. live look outside at the u.s. capitol dome at 4:30 in the morning. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. nothing we can't handle out there. >> we'll manage. we're survivors up here. >> only middle of november. we haven't seen anything yet. >> thanks for bringing us down, tucker. >> no, it's friday. i'm in a good mood. this is what i to. we have some cloud cover and two or three sprinkles south and east of the city.
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i think the trend will be a lot of sunshine today and a little warmer than yesterday. so check, check, check. and the weekend looks good too. >> you should stop right now. >> okay. it is cold outside. looking at our radar, we are looking at a little bit of shower activity south and east of d.c. down across southern maryland, all associated with a little bit of cloud cover. down towards cambridge, you might be getting a light shower. that will be the worst of it. generally sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-50s. more sunshine and warmer air. >> just in time for the
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weekend. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> i don't know about you. but i heard friday. early this morning, we had the crews out in place doing some roadwork. this is tying up your commute as you work your way outbound across the key bridge. this is where we have the work zone. this traffic is very light this morning so no issues reported headed into virginia. the crane is here and you have to swing wide to get by. so definitely affecting your commute coming in off canal road as well as m city at this time. wrapping it up on 66, a nice, easy drive so far. no complaining coming in from fair oaks towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> we begin this half hour with
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an amber alert. virginia police issue the abert for and 18-month-old girl missing since yesterday afternoon. she was last seen in halifax, virginia. she is traveling in a 1985 nissan station wagon. police say she is with eschew jean black and jennifer dawn carlile. they may be headed to or in the area of d.c. police say the child is in extreme danger. new this morning, former washington mystic player and olympic gold medalist, shamika holdsclaw has been arrested.
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ate bowie state university student found not guilty in the death of her room nate. alexis simpson was aquitted of all seven charms in the stabbing death of dominique frasier. simpson pleaded self-defense throughout the entire case saying she was bullied by frasier. >> a self-defense case, there is no question in my mind alexis asked in self-defense so we are very gratified by the verdict. >> she went into the victim's room and she sought the vic tum out and so we brought this case because we thought that, in fact, what she did was criminal. and so i'm disappointed. >> dominique frasier would have turned 19 just days after she died. we start off way shocking accident in texas. a freight train slammed into a national bed truck full of wounded warriors.
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four were killed and 17 injured. 10 are in critical condition. the soldiers were sitting on a parade float when they say the train hit them without any warning. the union pacific says the train sounded its horn. it is believe the truck got stuck in show parade traffic heaving the float to straddle the train tracks. david petraeus is appearing in front of two congressional committees today. the classified briefings will only focus on the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the death toll is rising in the escalating finding between israel and gas actual reports now say 19 palestinians have been killed in gaza and three israelis have died since wednesday. israel is now moving troops to the border with gaza after the
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government approved the call-up of 30,000 reservists. hamas fired # 5 more rockets into israel today. israel has responded with dozens of air strikes and air ride sirens went off in tel aviv thursday for the first time in 20 years. we are approaching a historic day for the capital beltway. starting tomorrow, the 495 express lanes will open in virginia. now, to use them, you will have to pay a toll or have a minimum amount of passengers in your car. fox 5's sherry ly has everything you need to know and she joins us now live from tysons corner. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at west park drive, one of the entrance and exit ramps for the new express lanes. oh, wow, to be on one of these ramps right now when it is nice and empty. but it won't open until tomorrow and that when is drivers will get a chance to
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have the first test drive of the new express lanes. the five-year construction project adds four new lanes to this eight-lanably. the 14-mile stretch will give drivers a quicker commute. cars with three or more people can seduce the express lanes for free. le solo -- solo drivers will have to pay. the congestion pricing which raises price as the lanes get busier to control the amount of traffic is supposed to keep traffic moving at a constant 45 miles per hour or more instead of the usual stop and go beltway gridlock t cost $2 billion to build the 14 miles of lanes. motorcycles will be able to use the being press lanes for free as well. drivers will have to have an e- zpass if you plan to use the express lanes. if you are a carpooler, what you are going to need if you have three or more people in
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the car is an e-zpass flex. this will prevent you from being charged that toll like those other solo drivers out there. it will open up beginning tomorrow and then on monday morning, it will get its true test during rush hour. the one big concern here with these lanes has been what is going to happen when you get to maryland. will there be a bottleneck as all those cars try to cross the american legion bridge. that remains to be seen. back to you. >> and tested soon enough. thank you. a huge question mark this morning for the future of twinkies and wonder bread. >> the deadline has come and gone for striking hostess workers and neither side is backing down. we'll get the latest as to what unfolded overnight next as we check more headlines. 
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bp has agreed to pay the largest criminal settlement in u.s. history. the company will shell out $4.5 billion and will need guilty to 11 felony counts. two bp worker are also facing manslaughter charges. president obama is promising to stand with the survivors of superstorm sandy. he got a close look at the damage yesterday with mayor michael bloomberg. he brought the spotlight to people living without heat and electricity 17 days after the storm. he hugged some while visiting a fema disaster site. the looming fiscal cliff takes center stage at the white house today. president obama is meeting with the leaders of both parties from the house and senate this morning to start negotiations on avoiding those automatic tax hikes and deep spending cuts.
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the president sits down with the head of 13 civil rights groups this afternoon to get their input on the negotiation. adecision on the future of hostess brands -- a decision on the future of hostess brands is supposed to be announced today. hostess said if workers did not return to work by 5:00 p.m. yesterday, it would have to go into liquid situation. that would result in a loss of nearly 20,000 jobs. it is an all-out attack on sugary junk food. ahead in about 10 minutes, schools are taking big steps to make sure your kids eat more healthy but is it working? we'll find out in just a moment. first, heress tucker barnes. >> we have some clouds and a couple of light showers. julie wright has a look at your traffic too right after the break. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company,or geico.
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i propose savings for everyone! and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! too bad nobody could hear me. a little like elevator music but i like it. i like it a lot. >> make me want to give a group hug. >> don't touch me. don't touch me. >> all right. taking a live look over d.c. right now. cold temperatures you are waking up to. you may want to snuggle up and hug someone this morning. nice and warm in here.
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>> all right. so here is the teal. we have some cloud cover and one or two sprinkles early this morning. -- so here is the deal. most of the day will feature sunshine, a little warmer than yesterday and the weekend looking decent. >> you also said the redskins game, the rain may be out of here. >> no rain. we will have some clouds around but it won't be raining so that will be good news. cant guarantee what might happen out there. >> give them the best leg up they can get. >> they have a chance. eaglesle are in bad shape. let's get to the radar and take a look at the showers. much of the area here not getting anything at all. -- eagles are in bad shape. you can see the light shower activity there to our south and to our east. otherwise, one or two sprinkles to the west of chesapeake beach and colonial beach, you might be in for a shower here. all of this lifting off to the north and east. you can see that is not -- the
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rain showers not very impressive here. let me show you a bigger picture. another little piece of energy moving through at the moment. you can see the cloud cover for the area and notice the clearing already taking place off to the south and west. so most of the day should be sunny here so i think by the time the sun gets up early this morning around 7:00, we should be in for mostly sunny skies and a general sunny trend here later this morning. things are looking up with temperatures looking up too. they should be in the low to mid-50s later today. currently, 42 degrees with the cloud cover at reagan national. cold enough for freezing conditions north and west. here is your forecast. mostly sunny, still cool. our average daytime high should still be in the upper 50s. we are still running a couple of degree cooler than we should be. winds north here at five to 10. clear and cold tonight. 37 the overnight low. we're used to that at this
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point. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, most importantly, your weekend forecast and a sneak peek at thanksgiving day. weekend looks good. partly sunny conditions. i think we'll have clouds around sunday afternoon for that redskins game but it won't be raining. monday looks cloudy. we look ahead to thanksgiving, 57 with sunshine. right now, for traveling, things should be nice and quiet. god morning. >> i see the turkey. >> yeah, it made an appearance. >> i just work with them. i'm kidding. >> i thought you were looking at wisdom there. >> i winked at wisdom and i leaned toward you. i leave our good friend sarah simmons out of that whole bit. for those traveling across the key bridge, heads up coming in out of virginia. it is the left side of the roadway that will skis by all of. this the cranes are busy doing some repatching and some
4:49 am
roadwork and that is what is tying up the commute. coming inbound off of canal road, you have to swing wide here to make that right turn to head back over into roslyn. don't be caught off guard. this is dim -- definitely affecting the commute. we have roadwork on the inner loop traveling near new hampshire avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. ime traffic. thank you. are the food place going too far? schools deciding what your kids can and can't eat. a ban on those sugary snacks at school and why some parents say enough is enough. stay with us. ♪
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[ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granig taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. fox 5 investigates cities
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and counties nationwide going after america's expanding waistline. the latest fight is against junk food in schools. >> sherry ly investigates how the school cafeteria is becoming the battleground. >> reporter: transfats, super sized sodas, even happy meals are under attack. der attack. now, some schools are turning on junk food. >> we understand that we have a responsibility to ensure that the health and well-being of these students is taken care of. >> reporter: during the day in montgomery county, it is hands off sugary snacks and sodas. >> those are only available in vending machines after the bell rings at the en. the school day. >> reporter: kids can buy pop starts but these are low fast, whole grain versions of the whole thing. >> any product has to have 35% or less calories from sugar, the same from fat. >> reporter: in the cafeteria,
4:53 am
nothing is fried, not even french fries. they are baked. buying lunch, grab a fruit or vegetable. that is the rule even if it is hard to stomach. >> people just like to have their own food and get to choose what they want to eat instead of kind of being forced. >> reporter: this year, knew federal nutrition guidelines put school systems nationwide on a healthier diet. it mandates fruits and vegetables. it may smack. the food police but it could be working. one in five kids is obese and a recent study for the american academy of pediatrics found states with the toughest rules against school junk food saw obesity rates drop. >> kids on average are getting about a third of their calories during the school day f you clean up the school food environment, it is a really good start. >> reporter: the center for science in the public interest says we need more federal involvement, not less. but critics draw the line at the lunchroom door. >> i think the result will be a
4:54 am
lot of wasted food. >> they eat the fries and burger and throw out the vice president tables and fruit. >> reporter: it is the same at schools across the country where what is healthy is trashed. though in fairfax county, the machine use is put to the taste test j nothing going on the menu that hasn't passed a taste party. >> reporter: fairfax too bans judge junk food vending during school. still a report card by cspi gave virginia a d and maryland a d plus. while schools have cracked down, they face a backlash, not just from kids but parents revolting. >> they feel in some ways it is unamerican that their children should be able to make choices they want to make. >> reporter: unamerican for schools to ban what is bad for you. they kenny make kids eat it. sherry ly, fox 5 news. ox 5 new >> all right -- they can't make kids eat it. james wright the redskins take
4:55 am
on philly on sunday. but not before a little in- hours battle. up next the four down showdown but this one may need some fact checking. we'll explain coming up.
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time for this week's four down showdown. we pit a member of the reds skins offense against the defense to find out how much they know about the upcoming opponent. >> sunday is the philadelphia eagles. here is lindsay murphy. murphy. >> welcome to the four down showdown after the bye woke and these guys have had plenty of time to study their philadelphia trivia. right? >> yes. >> are you going to know any answers? >> absolutely not. >> the defense is up two points in this game. you feel pretty good about your chances? >> i'll take my chances.
4:58 am
>> you're the challenger. >> sound luke we got ground to make up. >> are either of you trash talks are. not the best but i can try. >> how about you? >> not at all. >> all right. first down, give me one nickname for philadelphia. >> brotherly love. >> the city of brotherly love. >> i'll give that to you because it was close enough. >> i'm from the midwest. >> i thought everybody knew this. jack kemp a the yrn dog. i got to overcome this. >> second down, this line of snack foods is headquarters in philly. tasty cakes, entemann's, hostess. >> negative. tasty cakes. -- i'm the underdog. >> which of your teammates is a former eagle? >> chris wilson. >> no. >> played for a little bit. >> not according to the
4:59 am
redskins stats. >> he is a special teamer. he has a good foot. >> sav rocca. >> if chris wilson was, i blame that on daniel samson. can you write him a letter. rookie quarterback nick foals who will likely start sunday went to what college? >> arizona. >> but he also went to michigan. >> but i went first. >> you got it. you won. you won. >> it's too quick for me. >> i went through the personnel report. it was kind of fresh in my mind. >> nick also went to michigan state for his freshman year and we were teammates together. >> we can give you like a half point but you're still going to lose. >> what round was he drafted? >> second,. >> third. >> third. >> i lawsuit to you by a half a point. i made it interesting. >> you guys were good. that is all from the 4 down

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